My Favorite Sleeping Mask

Gone are the days of sheet mask, I’ve moved on to overnight sleeping mask…

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L’oreal Hair Mask

As some of you might already know, I dye my hair pretty often now and it’s very damaged especially towards the ends. I started using hair mask a few years ago and was a loyal fan of the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask. But unfortunately it’s very hard to find in the nearby stores nowadays. For convenience I tried the L’oreal Oleotherapy Deep Recovery Mask and ended up really liking it.

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Color My Eyebrow

Ever since I’ve started to dye my hair 2 years ago, I started caring a lot more about the color of my eyebrows as well. The dark black eyebrows didn’t match with any of my hair colors and for that reason it bothers me. Filling in my brows doesn’t seem to get it to a light enough color so I tried using eye brow mascara or browcara. The one I’ve tried so far is the Face Shop’s Lovely me:ex Color My Eyebrow.

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