Louis Vuitton X Exhibition in Beverly Hills

I went to the exhibition held by Louis Vuitton this weekend in Beverly Hills.

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted on this blog. I just wanted to share some stuff I saw this weekend at the Louis Vuitton Exhibition. It was located in the Rodeo Drive area in Beverly Hills and it was free admission. The exhibition had a little bit about their history, collaborations, artworks, and some dresses worn by different celebrities for red carpet events. Upstairs was a pop shop that featured their handbags, shoes, ready to wear, and some unique accessories and books.


post_louis vuitton x_vickysscrapbook-01.jpg

There were some pretty interesting items like the punching bag that’s wrapped in the LV pattern leather and the ping pong paddle that’s decorated with the LV logo. The exhibition itself was very instagram friendly so it was packed with people that visited the exhibition. Overall, it was a bit underwhelming for me but it was still interesting to see some stuff that you normally won’t be able to at the Louis Vuitton store.

If you’re still interested in going, it’s held until September 15th. For more pictures and videos, check out my instagram.

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