Influenster: Lancome

I received this box of Lancome products complimentary from Influenster this week.

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I got a lot of products in this influenster box this time. There were 4 total products. Two were makeup and two skin care products.

Skin care products:

  • Vitamin C 15%: it claims to be the magic ingredient for dullness and to get radiant, luminous, even skin tone. This is for morning use.
  • Retinol 0.2%: this is an anti aging product that claims to diminish fine lines and deep wrinkles over time. This is for night time use.

Since I received both, I assume it’s to be used together for better results. I just received it so I haven’t gotten the chance to try it.

Makeup products:

  • Long time no shine: this is a translucent loose setting powder that’s meant to blur imperfections and control excess oil
  • Fix it & forget it setting spray: this is spray that keeps makeup looking fresh but leaves the skin hydrated and shine free at the same time.

These are all great products from Lancome though I haven’t tried it thoroughly  to give any comments. Once I tried all of them for some time, especially the skin care products, I’ll update with another review.

Do you use any of these products?

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