Gift Wrapping a Mug

So I figured out how to gift wrap a mug and make it still look somewhat cute in the process lol. Check it out below…


I was trying to figure out how to wrap some mugs I created (you could check out some mugs that I made here). I was initially going to just wrap it with lots of tissue paper and then place it in a gift bag but I was scared it’ll just crack before I even give it out. So, I decided to recycle a cardboard box I got from shopping online.

Basic RGB

It turned out a lot nicer than I had initially planned for (since it’s made from a cardboard box), it worked well in protecting the mug, and I got to recycle those boxes I’ve collected from Black Friday shopping LOL. Hope this helps you if you’re planning to gift a mug or any fragile items to someone this Christmas!

I also just learned that it’s Green Monday. So happy shopping!

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