Restocked Favorites – March 2018

I always spend so much on cosmetics and skincare and this time I restocked some of my favorites.


I’ve been a long fan of the same set of skincare routine for the longest time but a few months back, I finally decided to try other skincare products.


I used a Korean scalp treatment a while back and felt that it didn’t do much for me but from all the great reviews I decided to give the Briogeo Scalp Revival a try. I have mild dandruff, mostly due to dry skin, near the colder seasons. This scalp treatment has a nice cooling effect after you apply it. I’ve used up an entire bottle and repurchased another one because it seems to be reducing the amount of dandruff.


I’ve been using a lot of Fresh products lately. I really like the face cream because it has a thick consistency. I thought it might be too thick and heavy at first but my dry skin feels very hydrated the whole day with this cream (lol I’m getting old and need heavier creams). It does have a really strong fragrance but I don’t mind it.

The cleanser was a gift from a friend; it’s a very gentle cleanser and doesn’t foam much. I like to use my cleansers with my Clarisonic and this cleanser doesn’t work well with it. Without the Clarisonic, it’s an ok cleanser.


This is my favorite primer out of all the other primers I tried. By far, this is the most hydrating primer. With others, I usually notice some caking almost immediately after I apply foundation but this one doesn’t. My foundation doesn’t immediately settle into my dry skin and it’s probably the best improvement to my makeup routine so far.


I’ve talked about this serum a few times already. I’ve repurchased quite a few times throughout last year too. It helps with brightening my complexion and it smells wonderful for a serum.


That’s it for this month’s restocking of products. I just have to wait until my wallet restocks as well before I purchase more products LOL.

Check out the products here if you’re interested:


I’m still having a giveaway for the teeth whitening products from Smile Briliant. Check out the post here and the GIVEAWAY link here.

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3 thoughts on “Restocked Favorites – March 2018

  1. The bareMineral primer sounds promising! I’ve been looking for a good one for dry skin too, would definitely check that one out 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Tiffany x


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