The Importance of Backing Up

And the lessons I learned…


So I ended 2017 with my external hard drive not working. I work on a Macbook Pro and if you own one too, you know that space is very limited. I generally move everything to an external hard drive but the stupid thing I didn’t do was to back up this data.

When the drive suddenly stopped working, I panicked. I got a quote from a data recovery service for around $1300 to possibly recover my data. It was just too expensive for me. I ended up having to just give up and save the drive for a time when I possibly have more money to recover it.

The only thing I regret losing on there were photos. I managed to have backups of some older photos on my old computer but anything, from the couple years I started using the mac, is gone.

Another thing I realized is that I have a large amount of photos of food and objects but not of people that are important to me. If you follow me on instagram (@vicckyt), you’ll notice that I don’t post as often anymore. I kind of feel like there’s no point if it’s only going to be photos of food or objects. All this realization comes from losing my data on my external hard drive…

In 2018, I’m going to take more photos of actual people and places that I’ve made important memories with. I also bought a new external hard drive but I don’t rely on it anymore. I back up the external hard drive via time machine and I store a lot of my files on iCloud drive.

So let’s make more memories in 2018 and remember to back them up!

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6 thoughts on “The Importance of Backing Up

  1. So sorry you lost all your photos, backing up is definitely a habit I need to get into as well 😦 My iPhone was acting up the other month and all my photos got deleted as well! It’s the worst feeling.

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