Quick Decor DIY

I’m back with a new DIY idea…


I was at Target the other day and ended up buying a vase and vase fillers. From a previous post, I used fairy lights to make a quick Christmas decor. Unfortunately, Christmas is over so I’m reusing that same set of lights to create a new decor for my desk.


Materials I used:

You could use any type of vase with a wide opening and any type of vase filler for this. I just happen to have picked these ones. Here’s a couple more vases and vase fillers that I found at Target that would look really good as well:

vase3 vase2filler3filler2


So I first started with placing the battery in the middle of the vase and filled the vase with a short layer of the fillers. I would start to stuff in the lights as I fill the vase. I just put the lights in spontaneously but make sure that the lights are closer to the edge of the glass so that it’s visible and not covered by the fillers.


Then when the glass fills to around the height of the battery, I stop filling it and push in the rest of the lights to sit on the top of the vase. I left enough space around the battery so that I could adjust it on or off. Since the fillers I used are just large stones, I simply used one stone to cover the battery after I put it on timer.

Hope you like my little decor. I plan on making a few more of these type of quick DIYs if you guys are interested. I have another one here: Quick Holiday Decor Idea

Have a great week!


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