How I Wrap my Gifts

This is how I wrap my gifts…


I always loved this time of year because gift wrapping could be creative and fun. I found that this is a really cute way to wrap a gift, especially a small gift.


Materials I Used:

  • Gift wrap
  • Ribbons
  • A box that will hold the gift
  • Scissors
  • Tape (optional)


Since the base of my box is squared, I cut out a piece of square gift wrap. The wrapping should be larger than the box and has to be able to completely cover the entire box.

Then, I placed the box in the middle of the gift wrap with the sides facing towards the points. I find it easier to place a piece of double sided tape on each side of the box and then fold each of the pointed corners towards the side of the box. Each four sides of the box should now have a piece of the wrapping paper taped on.


There should left over paper that wasn’t taped and sticking out from each corner of the box. I folded that starting from the bottom corner of the box and up.

Then, placing the box onto it’s side, I would take one of the previous folds and fold it over one of the sides of the box. If your box is small like mine, I would fold it again and tuck it so that it doesn’t stick out of the side of the box. Repeat for the rest.

The top of the box could then be scrunched down towards the middle of the top of the box.


Tie a little ribbon to hold it together and we’re done! I think this is a really cute way to wrap the box so give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Do you like wrapping gifts?

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