Quick Holiday Decor Idea

It’s officially December and I could deck out on decorating for the holidays.


My family aren’t the type to go all out for holiday decor so I usually go for minimal holiday decor.


This year, I found this string light at Target and it was on sale that day for $4. At first I was just going to hang them but I found some jewelry boxes at Urban Outfitters that would look great with these lights (click on the photo for the link). I ended up buying the house looking one since it was on sale (heheh black friday sales).



To hide the large battery, I taped it onto the back of the glass display. Then, I stuffed the rest of the lights into the case.


There was conveniently a small opening where I could pull the wire through and was still able to close the lid. The rest of the string lights that didn’t fit I use pulled it through that opening and wrapped the rest around the case.

These lights also have a timer and now I could come home to beautiful holiday lights.

How are you decorating for the holidays?

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