Friday Favorites: Bareminerals Primer

I have a new favorite primer…


Awhile back, I attended a Bareminerals event and got to try their primer and foundation. They recommended that I use the Good Hydrations Primer since I have such dry skin. When I tried it at the event, I really liked it and finally bought the actual product since my old primer was running out.



The primer claims that it “helps to instantly even out skin texture, preparing it for a smoother foundation application and longer-lasting wear.”  It has a creamy texture and when I first apply it, it feels like any other primer. The thing that makes me like it so far, is that throughout the day, the makeup doesn’t seem to skin into my dry patches and flaky skin.

The primer I really liked before was the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, which I started using in the summer. But as the cooler weather approaches, my skin is starting to flake and throughout the day, the makeup makes it look more apparent. So I know it’s time to change the primer again.

Which one is your go to makeup primer?


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