Last Minute Costume DIY – Cat Collar

There’s one week until Halloween…


I really don’t have a special costume for Halloween. I just wore a cat ear headband last  year as my costume and this year I’m probably going to do the same. If you need a last minute costume, a cat ear headband really does the trick (the DIY version of the cat ear headband is linked here and the lace one here). I wanted to add a little more effort to my costume so I’m adding a cat collar.


Materials I used:

  • Ribbon or suede cord or anything suitable you have around the house (since it’s for last minute use)
  • Bells
  • Jumpring (if you don’t have it’ll still work if the bells have a loop)
  • Scissors


First I added a jump ring to the bell since it’s easier to attach. Then, I simply cut the suede cord (or ribbon if that’s what you’re using) to the length I need it and stuck it into the jump ring. (I chose to stick with thinner cords or ribbons because I wanted to it be a subtle costume that I could still wear to work. Halloween is a Tuesday. But if you’re after a more “cat” like costume, you could use a thicker material so it’s more realistic.) After that I looped the other end into the jump ring.


Finally, I would wear it on my neck and tie a big exaggerated bow. Throw on some black matching clothes and a “cat” makeup to finish it off.

This is really my lazy and last minute Halloween costume but I’m pretty excited to see the more well prepared costumes. What are you wearing for Halloween?

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