Tis the Season to Dress Up

The holidays and the parties are just around the corner…



Dressing up is one of the most fun part of the holidays. It’s not everyday that you get to dress up for those holiday parties so sometimes I find it a bit hard to figure out what is appropriate for the occasion.

The Black Tux has a very useful guide to help us through the Holidays:

women's holiday_vickyt

Find the above styles here:


Personally, I’ve been eyeing a few items for the holidays. If I get invited to a holiday party, I would definitely go for a burgundy-ish color dress to match the season; a long one for a more formal occasion and a short one for a more casual one. Just like the guide mentioned, I also think a clutch is definitely perfect and nothing could go wrong with a pair of black heels. I like subtle accessories so tassel earrings are subtle enough but still make a statement and there’s a lot of color choices.

men's holiday_vickyt

Find the above styles here:


For men’s, a tuxedo or suit, a pair of oxfords, and a watch to accessorize could never go wrong. I don’t know if other men normally have a suit or tux ready in their closet but my boyfriend definitely doesn’t. I’ve looked into it (since after the holidays, we also have some weddings to attend) and buying a suit for one party might be a bit pricey but there are rentals available. One of the services I came upon was an online tuxedo and suit rental service, The Black Tux, that delivers right to your door step.


blacktux_partycardsThe Black Tux has a Party Ready Collection launching Oct. 16th. If I get invited to a holiday party this year, I’m most likely going to look into this for the BF and play a little dress up.

How will you be dressing up for the Holiday parties?

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