Stitch Fix – September 2017

I tried Stitch Fix…


A while back, I tried beauty subscription boxes (Ipsy and Birchbox in particular) but recently I decided to try a clothing subscription box, Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is a little different from the beauty boxes I tried since it’s more personalized.

When I signed up, I took a questionnaire that asked about different styles and fit to try to cater the box to my own style and size. I signed up mainly to try to have someone force me into trying something different and I feel bored of my clothes haha. Once you finish the questionnaire, then a stylist would pick out 5 pieces that they think you would love. There’s a $20 styling fee, which gets deducted from any item you pick, and if you keep all 5 items, there’s a 25% discount.


I just love getting things in the mail so I was pretty excited to receive it. Other than the items, there was also an envelope that told you the next steps, the different styles, your invoice, and there was a large USPS bag for returns.

Here are the items I received:

I liked most of the items I received except the bag. The bag was a little too bright and over the top for me. The clothes were definitely something I would wear but some of them didn’t look right when I put them on. I only chose the off the shoulder top since it’s the only one I felt looked right on me.

Overall, Stitch Fix was an interesting experience and the stylist were pretty accurate in fine tuning what they think you’ll like. If you’re interested, check out and sign up for Stitch Fix for yourself (note: this is my referral link).

Have you ever tried Stitch Fix or something similar?


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