Purchases to Make in you 20s

The purchases you should make in your 20s…


As someone in their mid twenties, I wanted to share some tips/advice on some purchases you should be making in your twenties.


Savings Account and Credit Cards

Before you actually make any big purchases, you need to save some money. I opened a savings account back in college and you won’t believe how many times my savings had helped me throughout these few years. I quit my job a while ago and went back to school. For a few months, I only had a non paid internship and a part time job. My savings was what made it possible for these sudden changes in my life.

Credit cards, though risky for those that can’t control how they spend, is also a good chance for people like us in their 20s to start building credit. You need a good credit to be able to make bigger purchases in the future. Just remember to pay your credit card and don’t spend on what you don’t think you could pay off.



When I started living away from home for college, the thing I took for granted was actually a good mattress. I slept in dormitory mattresses that were old and too narrow. Then, when I moved into an apartment and due to being a college student on a budget, I had another mattress I could never get used to and therefore had a lot of restless nights. Moving back home was when I realized how much the mattress actually mattered. I had way better sleep at home. Investing in a mattress for better sleep is definitely something to look into early on in your life. (Casper has some good mattresses for your reference)


Skin Care Products

Maybe it’s due to my parents but I started using skin care products way back in middle school. Though in middle school and high school, I didn’t have too much skin concerns other than acne. In my early twenties, I felt like I started to have a lot more skin concerns (dry flaky skin, possible wrinkles, spots, extreme dark circles, etc) and skin care suddenly became an necessity in my life. If you didn’t invest in some skin care that’s right for your skin in your twenties it might be too late later on in life. When wrinkles start popping out from left and right, it’s too late to do any preventions. It’s likely harder to get rid of wrinkles than to prevent it. So invest in some skin care and keep your skin healthy when you still can.



I live in Los Angeles and public transport isn’t as convenient. My biggest purchase in my twenties (other than my education) was buying a car. I’m lucky to have my parents pay for a down payment so I could slowly make payments to pay it off. But it’s definitely worth it (at least here in Los Angeles). Quite frankly, I’ve never really took public transport here in LA to get from place to place. Having a car is almost a necessity since you need it to get to work, to school, to wherever. You might not feel the same way about a car but I definitely think it’s something you need to have in your twenties.

So that’s the few purchases I think is a absolute must have in your twenties. What other purchases would suggest?


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7 thoughts on “Purchases to Make in you 20s

  1. What a sensible post! I live in a city where public transportation is very efficient and cheap that I never felt the need of a car. And having a car in NYC is a nightmare πŸ˜› I also think every cent invested in education or travel (nothing too crazy luxurious) is well invested πŸ™‚

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    • So lucky! Living in the city is so convenient but I live in a suburban area so having a car is a nightmare to me. Oh investing in travel is definitely well worth it too.


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