My First Cat Cafe Experience

So I went to a cat cafe…


In Japan, I visited a cat cafe for the first time. The one I went to was called Cafe Mocha and it was located in the Shibuya area. I remember the cost was around 200 yen per person for every 10mins but drinks were free.


When you first enter, you do have to remove your shoes and put away your belongings in the lockers before entering the sectioned area where the cats are located. Inside, it was a 2 level cafe area but the cats liked to stay upstairs where there were large cages that decorated the ceiling.


Most of the cats like to stay on the cages and away from people. A lot of the cats just seemed annoyed at all the people there but I still found one friendly kitty that played with me for a bit.


This was a super cute cafe and even though it seems a bit pricey, it was still worth it.


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11 thoughts on “My First Cat Cafe Experience

  1. I love cat cafes!! They’re kind of pricey, but it’s a good experience. I do feel bad for the cats that get overwhelmed by all the people, sometimes people don’t know when to leave them alone haha. I love all the little cages they can climb on!!

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  2. A Cat Cafe seems super fun! I’d deffinitely would love to go there. But I’ve read on other blogs saying that cat cafes are pricey. I guess you’re paying extra for the cats.
    I have a question, though. Since you mentioned that most cats seemed annyoned by the people, do you think that the cats were well treated and have a good time (despite the people)? I would hate to see them being exploited.

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