Japan Trip Part 5: Shibuya

Part 5 of my trip to Japan


I went to the Shibuya area mainly for shopping haha.


I started the day at the Takeshita street, which is a shopping streets with lots of boutiques and interesting shops. It was so humid when I was there and there was just so many people.


I really didn’t have a particular spot that I wanted to visit while in Shibuya so I just ended up walking around and going into what looked interesting. I’ve never seen this kind of promoting before in Los Angeles, but in Japan I came across a lot of buses or trucks that promoted new bands or singers. The one I saw that day was promoting the new Korean girl group Black Pink.


While in Shibuya, we did end up going to the Shibuya 109, which is a popular department store in that area. There was a major summer sale in the building so it was super packed and I didn’t end up getting much photos of the inside. But I end up getting some photos of the Twice (a Korean girl group) popup shop that they had at the top floor.


Shibuya at night is so pretty. There are so many lights and I just wish I had a bit more time to spend in the area. I only spent one day in this area so I feel like I missed out on a lot of places that I could’ve visited too.

I still have a lot of photos to share from this trip though even if the trip was a bit short.


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