Japan Trip Part 4: Mitama Matsuri and Akihabara

Part 4 of my trip to Japan


So for the last part of my trip to Japan I stayed in Tokyo. Japan has a lot of festivals during the summer but there was only one I was able to attend during my stay. I went to the Mitama Matsuri which is a traditional Japanese festival located at the Yasukuni Shrine that honors the spirits of the dead and to celebrate one’s ancestors. I really wanted to wear a Yukata to the festival since it was a Japanese tradition to wear one during their summer festivals but it was just to humid and hot.

It may look gloomy in the photos but it was super hot that day. Though I wanted to attend a summer festival, there wasn’t much to do at this particular one. There were a lot of lanterns (about 30,000), there was also a museum that honored veterans of war, and there were some other paintings and sculptures.

It was too hot for me, who was not accustomed to the humid weather, so I just waited until they had their little parade and the lanterns were visibly lighted up before I left for another area of Tokyo.


My next stop was in the Akihabara area which is known for the electronics shops. I went to quite a lot of them (for the air conditioning in the store mainly) but I didn’t take many photos. One of the must see that was recommended in the area was the maid cafes. There were a ton of waitresses dressed in maid outfits and passing out ads for their cafe.


I did end up going to one. Pictures were not allowed to be taken of the maids unless we paid a fee to take a picture with them. So I could only take pictures of the cafe and the food. This was probably one of the most interesting things I did in Tokyo. There was a per hour charge in addition to ordering food and drinks. Certain packages have a live performance in addition to the food. I didn’t order a live performance but someone else did so I got to see one. Everything in there was very girly, pink, and cute. But interestingly, most of the customers were men and they would chant to the songs LOL.


The food was also very cute and decorated with hearts, bears, or some cute animal. It was super funny when it came to eating; the maids request that you do some cutesy gesture before eating and it was just too funny for me. Overall, it was just super interesting!

I have a few more post on Japan and will update again next week! Have a great week!


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