Japan Trip Part 1: Nagoya

Hello! I’m back from Japan and I have a lot of photos to share.

So I went to Japan for a little over a week. I found a good deal on Expedia for a flight to Nagoya and return from Tokyo. Japan was super hot and humid during this time but I still got to see a lot of interesting things.

I first landed at the Chubu Centrair International Airport and I was already feeling the heat. There was air conditioning in the airport but it was still hot for me. I also had a bit of a culture shock since the airport had squatting toilets. I saw them in older buildings in my last visit to Korea but it was a bit odd seeing them in the airport. When I reached the city, the toilets were much more modern and advanced. But enough about toilets, I had actually stayed at an airbnb the first night there and went to another city in Japan the day after. This post though will only be about Nagoya.



When I returned back to Nagoya, I stayed at the Dormy Inn, which had a hot spring downstairs. The view from our room was also unexpectedly pretty. We stayed at the downtown area and it was super convenient to get around.



I didn’t go on a tour and just went to places I researched online and really just went to what attracted me in the area. My boyfriend, who I went with on this trip, is a huge car guy so we ended up at the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology; it was actually a very interesting museum and it was nice place to avoid the heat. Later that day, we went to the Oasis 21, which is a mall of some sort featuring restaurants and shops.

At the top of Oasis 21 is an open space and you could really see a view of Nagoya as well as the Nagoya TV Tower located nearby. (My boyfriend is definitely not an “Instagram Boyfriend” so I have a lot of oddly centered photos of myself that I don’t want to share; the one above is passing hahaha.)


To end my day at Nagoya, I went to the top of the Nagoya TV Tower for an even better view of Nagoya before wandering the streets and looking for something to eat for dinner.

Overall, Nagoya was a pretty city especially at night. Though, I don’t think there is too much to do there, it was a relaxing place for some shopping, dining, and sightseeing.

(P.S. I brought my DSLR to Japan with me but it was just too heavy to bring around in that humid weather so all pictures are taken from my iPhone.)

I’m trying to reconnect with my life after the short trip but I’ll work on posting more photos of Japan soon! Have a great week!


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