DIY Long Tassel Earrings

Hello! I’m finally back with a DIY post.

So I’ve noticed a lot of tassel adorned clothing and accessories lately. I really like those long tassel earrings and this DIY is an attempt to make one.


Materials I used:

  • 2 Earring hooks
  • 2 Jumps rings
  • 2 spacer beads
  • Clamps
  • Black thread
  • Scissors (not photographed)
  • Cardboard (also not photographed above)


I used the cardboard from my memory card packaging since I liked the width. I wrapped thread around it until it was a good enough thickness. Then slowly I removed the loop and added a jump ring on one end. Using more thread, I then tied the end with the jump ring so it won’t come off.



I picked a long tubular spacer bead that was able to be forced open and I used that to wrap around the top where I had just tied. Then, I could add the earring hook and cut open the loop at the bottom. Repeat and I have a pair of earrings.

I think these tassel earrings are simple enough for a casual outfit but also chic enough for a formal dinner. What do you think?


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