I’ve been super busy with my final projects these past two weeks but today is finally my graduation. I finally turned in my last project and I wanted to share some of my work from this last quarter. I had so much fun when I was working on this. Though I can’t draw by hand that well, I love using illustrator and photoshop. At first we only learned how to draw flats using illustrator and then incorporated photoshop into the process. This last quarter, we finally moved onto drawing fashion figures and it’s super fun and exciting to see it come to life.

Here’s some of my work from this quarter.

VickyThai Portfolio_Part2 JBrand_Page_09



The first two is mainly a project that focuses on two different brands; we were to design as if we worked for those companies. The last two pictures were my first try on designing menswear and it’s not based on any particular brand but rather just an overall city theme.

I put up the rest of my project on Behance if you are interested in seeing the rest. I’m a little sad and a little worried about graduating but hopefully I’ll get to do some exciting things soon. I’ll post more of my designs soon.

Have a great week!


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