My Experience at a Fashion School

So I’m in my last quarter at a fashion design school.


I realized I never shared my experience going to a fashion design school. I don’t remember if I ever mentioned it prior but I’m in the Merchandise Product Development program at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in Los Angeles. I have a Business degree from another university so I was able to apply for the Professional Designation program at FIDM, which is about a year in length.

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The Merchandise Product Development major is a slightly more technical than Fashion Design. It’s more about computer aided design, and the manufacturing process instead of hand drawings and sewing. Though the program does teach you how to sew, drape, and draw, it’s not as detailed in that aspect. The fashion design program is more about sewing and creating garments yourself, and product development is more about knowing how to translate your designs for the manufacturing process.

Back in high school, I had considered going to FIDM for fashion design but having Asian parents, they didn’t like the idea. Initially applying for FIDM, I wanted to go into the fashion design program and didn’t even know that the product development program existed. I ended up choosing product development over fashion design and like my admission adviser said, fashion design is like being an actor; not everyone is going to make it whereas product development is more practical.

Example of one of my assignments

As for classes, it ranges from simple hand drawing flats to computer aided designs as well as sewing garments, making patterns, and creating a line. For my last quarter, my classes are really about perfecting those skills so more computer aided designs and perfecting our portfolios. One of my classes that is taking up all my time is called Brand Portfolio Development. It’s a class in which we choose two different brands and create a line for each acting as if you’re working for that brand.


Example of what I’m working on for my portfolio

Overall, I felt like my program taught me a lot about the fashion design industry and I gained a lot of hands on knowledge. My favorites about this program would definitely be the computer aided design classes where we draw on illustrator and photoshop and the technical design class where we learn how to make designs we’ve drawn into garments.

Have you ever wanted to go into fashion design and what’s your thought on fashion design school?



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34 thoughts on “My Experience at a Fashion School

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience in this school. Fashion design can be a bit complicated and requires a lot of dedication and talent to go along with hard work. I really loved this post a lot. I have been in fashion marketing and other elements of fashion working in the industry and I just love the experience you gain through the channels. You have a great blog 🙂

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    • Thank you. It really is a bit complicated. I just never thought about it when I first signed up for the program; there is so much that goes into making a garment before it reaches the consumer


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