Victorian Inspired Choker DIY

For the entire winter quarter, I spent working on Victorian inspired designs…


I was so inspired by Victorian designs since it was my project for the quarter. The high neck lines, ruffles, and gold trims were all that I looked at this whole time. But even after the school project is completed and I’m on break, I still feel very inspired by the Victorian concept. So, of course, I incorporated this concept into my favorite DIY ever – chokers.

Something very elegant, sexy, and a little goth inspired this choker.


Materials I used:

  • Gold trim/ribbon
  • Gold charm
  • Needle and Thread
  • 7mm Spring Ring Clasps and jump rings
  • Ribbon Clamps
  • Scissors and pliers



I started with a piece of the gold trim that’s the size of my neck. Then, I clamped the ribbon clamps onto each end and attached the spring ring clasp on one end. The jump ring goes onto the other end. I only used one jump ring for my choker since it’s the right size for my neck (not too tight or too loose) but I would add more jump rings if it’s too tight.


Finally, I sewed on the charm by looping the hooks on the ends and it’s completed. It’s a pretty simple choker but it’ll definitely make a statement!

From the trend research in my class, it’s predicted that Victorian inspired styles will be trending this coming Fall/Winter. What do you think of the Victorian style?


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