Laceup Shirt – Short DIY

During my Spring Cleaning Post, I mentioned that I found some impulse buys that I’m going to cut up.



I found a Forever 21 shirt that I bought a while ago and had only worn once. It’s a basic long sleeve shirt but it was too wide in width and too short in length. So I decided I’m just going to cut it up and make it into a trendier piece.

Materials I used:

  • Old shirt
  • Drawstring cord
  • Sewing machine with eyelet stitch
  • Scissors, thread
  • Water Soluble Stabilizer


I wanted a lace up back detail so I cut open from the center back. Then, I sewed close the cut open part with a clean finish hem.


Since this is a knitted fabric, I placed a water soluble stabilizer on the underside of where I wanted the hole. Then, I could sew an eyelet and cut a hole in the middle. The hole is where my drawstring cord will go through.


There were 8 eyelets total at the end and I simply laced in the cord for this lace up back detail.

I have a few other shirts that I’m not sure how to modify yet but I’ll be working on those soon.

Do you have any impulse buys that you never end up wearing and what do you do with them?



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