March 2017/ Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and it’s time for some cleaning…


I spent the first half of March mainly running around DTLA and trying to finish my projects and finals for class. I also tried a new DIY, making flower crowns, which you could find here.





My other half of March was spent cleaning and especially cleaning out my closet. I don’t know about you but I tend to have some impulse buys that I never end up wearing. They usually look good online or on a mannequin but not on me. I found quite a few of those during my cleaning so I’m going to cut them up and make something new with it.

The other set of cleaning that is long past due are all my bras. It’s just so easy to get attached to the “comfortable” bras, which aren’t looking so good and really should be replaced with new ones.

Thirdlove, a lingerie company based in San Francisco, recently shared with me a list of signs that it’s really time to let go of these old bras. Below you’ll find the list of signs that it’s time to throw out the old and shop for some new.


Infographic_LifecycleOfTheBra (1)

I definitely have bras with the signs above and it’s really time for some shopping. Spring cleaning really seems like my excuse to throw out old clothes and shop for new ones.

Have you done your spring cleaning yet? If yes, did you find any old bras with those signs above?


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