Flower Crown DIY

Though the weather is rather cool in L.A., it’s finally spring.


Spring reminds me of flowers, sunshine, weddings, and oddly music festivals. During this season I tend to see a lot of flower crowns. I’m not a big fan of exaggerated accessories so I wanted to make one that was a little more sweet and romantic.

I had a short trip to Joann’s, the closest local fabric and craft store in my area, and picked up some flowers. They are rather expensive for paper/plastic flowers but fortunately there was a 50% off sale!



Here’s what I used for this project:

  • Flowers
  • 20 Gauge wires and 26 gauge wires (not in the photo above)
  • Ribbons
  • Scissors and pliers




I cut out a piece of the 20 gauge wires around the size of my head and bent the ends so that when I wear it, it won’t poke/scratch me.


Then, I separated the flowers from the stem it was attached to.



With individual flowers and leaves, I used 26 gauge wires to wrap them along the 20 gauge wire.



I continue wrapping the flowers along the 20 gauge wire until it’s completely covered with flowers and leaves.




With two pieces of ribbon, I attach it to each end with 26 gauge wires. Finally, just tie a bow and it’s completed.

I don’t have any occasion to wear this yet but I’m hoping I get to soon.

Do you own any flower crowns and if so, where do you wear flower crowns to?


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17 thoughts on “Flower Crown DIY

  1. This is so cute. I’ve been thinking about buying one for some photos, but now I might try to make it. AND I was surprised to see you have a Joann’s. That’s my local craft store in Indiana 🙂

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