Mini Christmas Tree

Happy Holidays!


It’s almost Christmas! I’m so excited haha. As a tribute to the holidays (and because my house doesn’t have a tree), I decided to make one.


Materials I used:

  • Mini Roses
  • Red ribbon
  • Cone shaped styrofoam
  • Pins
  • Scissors


I started with sticking in a pin through the little rose and onto the top of the cone styrofoam. Then I pin ribbon onto it and continue spiraling around the cone in that pattern (rose, pin, ribbon, pin, repeat).


When I reached the end of the cone, I had one extra row of just ribbon before I cut it off and pinned down the end.


And this is finished product. I finally have a tree for the living room even though it’s a bit small. I really wanted to add some sort of LED lights to it but I don’t have any that’s small enough. If I find some, I’ll post an updated version haha.

So, how do you celebrate Christmas and do you have a tree in your house?


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