Thanksgiving & Small Business Saturday

Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope everyone is having a great holiday. I have a lot of things to be thankful for this year. I recently got a part time job and have been trying my best to juggle my time between working and going to school. I am actually very thankful that it’s been so busy because it makes me feel like I’m being very productive.

Going back to school is the big part of my year that I’m super thankful for and I’m especially thankful to the people around me that have been supporting my decision and my goals. My goal one day is to own my own small business so I think it’s very important to support the small businesses in our local communities.

I recently learned about Fundera, a company that helps small businesses get funding, and through their recent post (here) I learned exactly why it’s important for me and for you to support these small businesses. Please take a look into the blog posts I’ve linked to read more about the economic impact that small business have in our communities. I was also made aware that this coming Saturday, 11/26 is Small Business Saturday, which is to recognize the significance of small businesses and to show support.

This weekend I’ll most likely be going to some of my favorite local cafes to show support. Here are just a few that I love:

Bleu House:

This is the closest cafe to my house and I frequent this spot the most. They feature really cute coffee art and Asian fusion dishes. (I’ve linked their yelp page in case you’re in the area!)


Cafe Maji:

This one is a little Korean owned cafe that was originally in Arcadia, CA but have recently moved. It’s a little farther from where I live but still worth the drive.


Hide Out:

Hide Out is a small coffee shop in a mainly Taiwanese community. They are a super small place literally hiding out in a large building among other small businesses. They don’t have cute coffee art like the other cafes I mentioned but they have really good coffee and it’s a great place to study in.


It doesn’t have to just be on Small Business Saturday but if you’ll be out doing Black Friday shopping tomorrow, just hanging out with friends, or any time you’ll be outside your home, please keep in mind that your local small businesses in your community will need your support.

Have a happy holiday and be safe (especially if you’re doing Black Friday shopping)!


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