October 2016

It’s already November…


Time goes by soooo fast. I’m in my second quarter of fashion school, I quit my job some time ago, I completed one internship so far, and now I’m just enjoying the student life haha.

If you also follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been doing nothing but eat out. Here’s a recap of some of the places I visited this past month (for the exact locations, please visit my instagram). The sushi was the only one that made the most lasting impression for me. It didn’t taste bad but gave me severe stomach problems; I’m probably not going to eat sushi for a while.


This past month I visited some local attractions such as LACMA for the “At Home with Monsters” exhibition. This Halloween I also went to my first music festival, the Escape Halloween: Psycho Circus Music Festival.



This October I challenged myself to making bags and here’s a few of the DIY’s I did this month:

Felt Backpack


Clutch Bag


Lace Cat Ear Headband (Not a bag but still a DIY from this month)


This past month, I’ve been busier with school work. I don’t have a lot of homework but it’s just time consuming. I started taking a computer aided design class and have been busy trying to learn to sketch my designs on the computer. Here’s a little glimpse on what I’ve been working on these past two weeks. I can’t wait to actually excel on this and be able to share some of my designs.


This kind of feels like a diary post but anyways… how was your October?


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8 thoughts on “October 2016

  1. Wow, you’ve been crazy busy lately & have eaten a lot of food by the looks of it haha. Sorry the sushi gave you some problems! I hate it when that happens with food I love because then I don’t eat it for ages! Hopefully you forget about it soon! x


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