DIY Drawstring Pouch for your iPhone

Hello! I’m finally back.

I had finals last week and was busy with exams and projects but I’m finally on my break. As a reward to myself, I preordered the new iPhone 7 Plus. I currently have the 5s version, which has been through a lot with me (even a trip down the toilet bowl lol). I am not very careful with my phones so I tend to have a pouch for extra protection. Since the new phone I ordered will be much bigger, I have to make a new pouch.



Materials I Used:

  • Fabric (I bought a fleece like material that’s primarily used for blankets)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Ribbon/string


The iPhone 7 Plus is 6.23 inches by 3.07 inches. I decided to cut a 8.75 by 5 inch piece on the fold so I have a 8.75 by 10 inch fabric.



Then, along the longer side of the piece, I pinned down 1 inch on the back of the fabric and sewed it down



I folded the fabric in half with front facing each other and sewed along the open edge but making sure that the open edge of the top 1 inch is not sewed together. Then I flipped it inside out and it’ll be a little pouch. The top 1 inch where the drawstring will be, will have a little excess and I just cut that off so the pouch will be a perfect rectangle.

I decided to use ribbon and inserted into the top.



Now it’s completed and I’m just waiting for the phone to ship!

How do you attempt to keep your phone safe?


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