A Day at the Beach

It’s been a while since I was at the beach.

I felt like I didn’t go to the beach very often this summer and so since it’s going to be over soon, I made a trip there a few weeks ago.

I ended up at the Huntington Beach Pier at Huntington Beach, CA which is known as the “Surf City”. I don’t surf so I was mainly there to enjoy the breeze and nice sunshine.




The pier is located at the end of Main St. While on Main St. though, there are a lot of little shops and restaurants to enjoy. I went to Aloha Grill which I had visited a couple years back. The restaurant had a Hawaiian vibe but had a good variety of dishes.



Along the pier there were a few vendors selling things such as paintings, and there were people playing music. The environment was very friendly and relaxing. The view was also great because you could see the whole beach from there.

I’ll probably go to another beach location soon after my final exams and before this nice weather is gone because winter is coming (LOL not referencing Game of Thrones here).

Did you go to any beaches this summer?

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