Marble Utensil Holder DIY

I ended up with a lot new utensils since I started going back to school.

I have giant rulers that ends up cutting into my skin because I left them randomly in my room. So after another attack from my rulers, I finally made a utensil holder to put them.



I have quite a few of these mailing tubes that I received from online orders. The largest one I have is the packaging for my Nume curling wand. I decided to use this one.



Then, with my marble contact paper I cut out the appropriate size for the tube.



I cut the paper large enough for it to slightly tape onto the bottom and the inside of the tube. Since it is round, I cut slashes onto the ends so that it’ll have more ease to tape down.



Once it’s taped down, it should look a bit like this. I didn’t really care if the bottom would show so I left it as is.



Now I could finally organize the rulers and utensils and avoid another accident.

Am I the only one that gets injured from rulers LOL?

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