Midterms and Night Markets

I had one very busy week…

I caught a cold during midterms week but I still managed to go to a night market and finish some projects.



This week has been especially busy for me. I have midterms this past week and this coming week. You would think that at a fashion school there aren’t any written test. But reality is, there is a lot of memorization to do especially with textiles. I still have one more midterm to go.




In classes this week, I finished a pattern, started making the garment, and worked on some sketches and inspiration boards. Though, it’s been pretty busy for school work, I finally feel like my career is headed the right path; I enjoy working on these projects and even though I don’t like taking tests, I feel like I’m learning something very valuable.



Among all the exams and projects, I still managed to go to a night market. It was the 626 night market which they have a few times throughout the year. The 626 Night Market was inspired by the Taiwan night markets and was introduced here a few years back.


They had the night market for a couple nights and entrance fee is $3. Though it’s not as cheap as the night markets in Taiwan, it was still an enjoyable experience. This year, they had a stall for red bean cakes, which is my childhood favorite. They also had what they called the nimo yaki, which is basically a taiyaki (a Japanese fish shaped pastry/cake with red bean filling) with ice cream.



I chose the regular red bean cake (or Imagawayaki). They had a few different flavors such as Oreo (and they literally bake the whole Oreo in it) but I preferred the original red bean. Oh, the childhood feels lol



They had a lot of different Asian delicacies at the 626 Night Market but one of my other favorites here is a stall called Mister Potato which features a long potato chip in a variety of flavors such as Korean BBQ.

How was your week and are there any night markets in your area?

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12 thoughts on “Midterms and Night Markets

  1. Good luck with your exams! I love the white/subtle colours of your inspiration board.
    The food market looks great, they offer a lot of items we don’t have in Austria except for the potato on a stick 😀

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