Waist Tie Belt/Sash DIY

I have a rather boxy blazer that doesn’t look very good when I put it on.

The blazer was bought during a sale and it’s unfortunately not refundable. I was thinking of fixing it to fit better. The problem though is that the blazer is lined inside so it would take a lot of work to tailor it and my sewing skills is not that great yet.

I did some shopping yesterday and saw a similar jacket with a waist tie belt and it seems to look a lot better. So, I made a simple waist tie belt/sash for this jacket.



Materials I used:

  • 2 suede cords (that each fits around 1 1/2 times around the waist)
  • 1 circular bead with an opening in the middle
  • Scissors



With the 2 cords in a loop (with the loop towards the end of the cords), I inserted it into the bead.



Then, I pulled the cords through the loop.


Once you place it around the waist, you could tie it anyway you want onto the other end of the bead. I chose to mirror the other end but this would be a hassle if it was on pants.

One of these days I’ll challenge myself to fixing one of my older clothes.

Do you have any clothes you regret buying but can’t return?

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