Sock Bunny DIY

So I’m back to making sock plushies.

This time around I decided on making a bunny since I made a bear and a cat for the last two sock plushie.


Materials I used for this DIY:

  • One pair of socks (I got these from Daiso but $1.50)
  • Thread and Needle
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery thread
  • Water soluble pen
  • Polyester fiber fill from Michael’s



I started off with one sock flipped inside out. Between the heel part of the sock and the toes area , I drew in the feet. Then, I hand sewed the part I drew in before cutting it out. The left over part, I drew in what is going to be the arms and again sewed and cut out.



Once you flipped it back out, it’ll look like this.



With the remaining sock, I stuffed it until I had a round circle for the head. I cut that out and sewed. The left over of the sock, I drew in what is going to be ears, then sewed and cut. (Note: the ones I have in the photo came out too skinny so I had to redo this part to make the ears thicker)



For the head, I wanted a more triangular shaped head so I shaped it with my hands before proceeding.



I drew in the areas of where I wanted the eyes, nose, and ears. Then, I cut out a small slit on where I wanted the ears. I stuffed the ears with stuffing before pushing it inside the slit and sewing it closed.



On the areas that I drew the eyes and nose, I use embroidery thread to sew in the face. (I’m not too good at this yet so the eyes came out a little longer and less round than I wanted)

I stuffed the rest of the body then I sewed them all together. I left out the tail on this bunny so it’ll be easier to fit her into clothes.

Have you tried making your own plushie?

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