Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture

I recently received this cushion as a gift from someone that returned from a trip to Korea.

The one I received is the Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture in No. 21 and this particular one is a collaboration with Line, the messaging app. It features the character Sally, which is a yellow duck, as the face of the cushion. It’s not just cute but I actually really like the cushion itself.




The cushion came in a matching orange and yellow packaging box that included 1 additional puff and refill. The puff itself is also in a matching yellow and orange with Sally decorated all over. The backside, which I didn’t photograph, is the regular blue that you’ll find on other cushion puffs.  On a side note, I also received a mousepad of Brown, which is the bear character from Line; this whole line of products is super cute.



For some odd reason, I find that my skin has been drier than usual. All the other cushions I’ve been using seem to leave a cakey residue on my face towards the middle of the day. I was trying out other primers to see if that will resolve the issue but it didn’t seem to work. I conveniently received this cushion and it seems to have worked out the issue with the cakeyness.



Here’s a color comparison from my other cushion foundations: IOPE Air Cushion in C13, and Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion in No. 13. Missha seems to look a bit darker than the others on my hand but I don’t notice the difference once it’s on my face. The colors are all very similar so it might look exactly the same on the photo.

Have you tried any of the cushion foundations?

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