Strappy Bra DIY

Strappy bras/bralette seem to be all the rage lately.

I’ve been seeing a lot of strappy bras and bralettes in many retailers. They come in a number of varieties with multiple straps all along the front or all on the back or on both sides.

Here’s some examples I found from some online retailers such as Free People, Express, Nasty Gal, etc. (Note: the links are attached to each image above.) Instead of purchasing them though, I decided to remake one of my old black bras into a strappy bra.


Image Map


All I needed for this project was black elastic in addition to thread and needle. I cut out some elastic and used pins to pin it into the spots I wanted.



Then, I hand sewed the elastic onto the bra and making sure the elastic was a little shorter than what I needed. I chose to only decorate the front of the bra with straps for a simpler look. I’m not sure how to style this but I feel like I just got a new bra haha.

Have you already jumped on this strappy bra bandwagon?

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12 thoughts on “Strappy Bra DIY

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