Color Block iPhone Case DIY

Hello! I’m back with another marble item.

I’m sure you’ve expected this post if you read the previous marble post (here). I’ve been on a marble craze lately and I conveniently broke my iPhone case again. So this gives an excuse to change my phone case to marble too.



Materials I used:

  • Clear iphone case
  • Colored paper (from Daiso)
  • Marble contact paper



I simply cut the piece of marble paper and stuck it diagonally on the top of the case. Then, on the colored paper, I traced and cut an outline of the case. I chose to only cover the backside and not the side edges of the case since it’s a lot more work to fit the paper to the curve of the phone.



Then I taped the paper onto the inside of the case and fit in the phone. The paper looks a lot more transparent than I had initially anticipated but it’ll work for now.

This phone has been through a lot with me and I’m constantly changing phone cases. I’m very clumsy and tend to drop the phone (breaking the cases but saving the phone thankfully). If this case breaks again, please expect another phone case DIY LOL.

Anyone else waiting for the new iPhone?

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