Origami Card DIY

Written cards are more heartfelt.

I’ve mentioned this in previous post but I like making cards to include with gifts. I think cards, especially handmade cards, seem more sincere.



I started with a half folded sheet of card stock paper. Then I marked lightly where I would like to glue on my origami roses.



You could really decorate with any type of origami but I wanted to use roses (here’s the link to the ones I made). I made mine out of post it because they were very colorful and conveniently squared.


I glued on the origami roses onto the area I had marked earlier. With a gold marker, I decorated the rest of the card with branches and leaves. In the middle, I left enough space to write a little message.

Then, all that’s left is to write a message on the inside of the card. I think it would’ve looked even better with all white roses but since it’s for my grandma, I made it very colorful (Note: my grandma is very Asian and white is not a good luck color).

This is the only DIY I did this past weekend. The hot weather here in LA is making me very lazy. How was your weekend?

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