Upcycle Cosmetics Packaging

I have too many of these boxes from makeup packaging.

I really like the packaging on makeup/cosmetic products; they are usually very nicely made. I have a lot of them and I was planning to throw them out. But then I decided I could try to reuse them for other purposes.

When I travel my makeup brushes are all thrown into the same bag with other products and I always feel like they will break eventually. I think using these cosmetic boxes to hold the brushes I need will ensure that it’ll stay clean and won’t break.




I wanted the box to be sturdier so I wrapped it in card stock paper. But I left the top flaps as is so it’s not too thick and I could still close it.



You could technically leave it with just the cardstock paper on top but I really wanted it to be more ascetically pleasing. So, I wrapped it like a gift but using fabric.



On the top where it could be opened, I cut and taped it down. Then, it’s ready to be used. It fits my brushes nicely and I think it’ll make a pretty good box for pencils as well or even as a nice gift box.

What do you do with the cosmetics packaging?

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6 thoughts on “Upcycle Cosmetics Packaging

  1. This is so creative and clever!
    I just threw a bag of all my skin care and make up packaging feeling sad cos they are all so beautifully designed, but I had no clue what to do with them as they come in all shapes and sizes ><
    I'd do paper cutting and make them into beautiful card before for birthdays and occasion, guess I am too lazy to work on with it anymore, yikes.
    Perhaps next DIY can share with us how to deal with them if they are squarish (from the cream, cushion, or like that Banila co box…. 😀


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