Friday Favorites: Innisfree

It’s been a while…

I finally have another Friday Favorites to talk about. This time I’m focusing on a favorite cosmetic brand: innisfree.

If you haven’t heard of innisfree, they are a Korean cosmetic company that promotes the benefits from nature and eco-friendly packaging.

(Note: this is NOT a sponsored post)

I bought a lot of innisfree products and I just received them the other day. If you don’t live in South Korea like me but use Korean cosmetics, I suggest purchasing them from Korea Depart; I would only use this site when I have a lot of cosmetics I need to buy because shipping is a little high. They have different sales all the time and this time I was in luck, it was innisfree.



I don’t recall if I mentioned this before but I really like the green tea line of skincare from innisfree. I was running low on the cleansing foam even after stocking some from my Korea trip. I was running low on toner as well and decided to try out the Green tea moisture skin, which notes it’s for dry skin.



I tried their cushion base and it’s only ok. But since it’s the summer now, I really want to try a primer. I think innisfree has better skincare versus makeup but price is reasonable so I bought it. It seems to be a clear gel form and I’ll have to see how well it does on my face.



I’ve been eyeing this product for a while now. They call it a pencil remover which is essentially for you to correct your makeup throughout the day. One end is a sponge like applicator and the other end feels like a chapstick. I tried out the chapstick like end and it really worked well to remove the smudged end of the day under eye makeup; it makes the area smoother for the cosmetic to be swiped off your face.



I’ve tried a sleeping mask from the green tea line and I really love that one. The whitening pore sleeping pack seems to be a newer product. It claims to take care of your skin tone and dark spots. In preparation of the summer sun, I think this would be really useful. I tend to get spots around my eyes. I previously used a cream from Skinfood that helped with it but they discontinued the product. Hopefully this mask could replace that.



This one is not an innisfree product but I really looking forward to receiving this one. I like changing them out versus washing them so I’m very excited to have some clean ones. Cushion foundations have been all the hype lately but have you noticed a majority of them use the same type of puff (if you use a cushion, it’s the blue ones).  Banila Co. uses a different one with a peach colored underside. I thought at first it was just the color but it’s actually a much softer puff. They have been out of stock on Korea Depart for a while now but I was finally able to purchase it!

Who knew I could be so excited about a makeup puff LOL. What cosmetic brand or product keeps you excited?

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10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Innisfree

  1. Always love reading reviews from my favourtie beauty brand- innisfree!!!!
    The eye remover is really good, I got one as well, very handy, can tuck it in bag and erase those smudged.
    I am currently trying their new line that came out this spring- Jeju sparkling mineral cream, it’s a great replacement for their Orchid Enriched Cream that it’s good for winter but a bit too much for summer for dry sensitive skin.
    Can’t wait to read your final thoughts about the whitening pore sleeping mask x


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