Looped Choker DIY

Yup! It’s chokers again.

This weekend has been pretty busy with attending graduations and just trying to keep up with life in general LOL. Though, I did have some time to try out new designs that I will eventually put up on Etsy. I start out this DIY project like all the other choker DIYs I’ve made; the difference this time is I’m not using a charm but only another piece of suede cord and a few jump rings.



After I have the initial necklace made, I attached another piece of suede cord with jump rings until it’s secured around the necklace. I used about 5 jump rings total



I tied one end to the choker and began pulling at the different sections between the jump rings. Once I had the desired loop sizes, I simply tied the other end.

I chose to make smaller loops because I think this gives the simple choker a different texture without being overdone.

What was your weekend like?

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