Drawer DIY

I’ve had this computer desk for as long as I could remember but I want a makeup table now versus a computer desk.

I first got a desktop computer (the big bulky ones) and my mom bought me a desk with a keyboard tray. Due to living away from home during my college days, I relied heavily on laptops so my keyboard tray became obsolete.


The keyboard tray on my desk soon become an area to hold my makeup products for some odd reason. Instead of leaving the products out in the open, I put them in a box on the keyboard tray but it becomes a hassle to find the products I need in the morning.



At the local Michael’s Craft Store, I bought some thin balsa wood and cut them to be the size of the area between the keyboard tray and the desk. The wood was actually thin enough for me to cut with a pair of scissors so it’s not that sturdy. After I got the size I wanted, I glued card stock paper on top of it and then covered it with white contact paper.

I taped the wood onto the keyboard tray directly. Because there was a black piece that I could not remove, I taped it in front of that and another shorter piece on the back of it, which creates a section for me to hold things.

In that inner section, I used the same method of cutting the wood and then covering it with contact paper and taped that onto the inside to create a lid. Then I taped on a piece of ribbon to help me open this cover/lid. I also covered the black wood with fabric so I could put jewelry in there.



I only had one section for the jewelry and didn’t section off the rest. I filled it up with the makeup I use often and placed the rest separately in another box. This is one of my first few attempts at larger DIY projects and I’m hoping I’ll have time to try out a few more on my list.

Do you have a keyboard tray you want to repurpose?

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