Friday Favorites

I’m back with a Friday Favorites.

I skipped last week’s Friday Favorites; there’s a lot going on lately for me so there’s unfortunately not a whole lot of time for shopping 😦

But this past week, I managed to buy some things on Amazon.


I finally decided to buy a “marble” macbook case and it’s fairly cheap. It’s around $12 and comes with a keyboard cover and mouse pad.



I’ve been pretty obsessed with using suede cords in my DIY projects so I got another color. If you haven’t read any of the suede cord DIY post, check the latest one here.

I used contact paper in a good number of DIY crafts and I really wanted to try the marble ones. This one is a different brand but it’s a pretty good quality for the price.

Since I received a pair of glasses from the giveaway on Elizabeth’s blog Clothes to You, I needed a case/box for the glasses. I really love the quilted look on this case and it’s completely white inside and out.

More shopping soon haha. Have a great weekend!

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