Marble Everything Part II

Sooo I’m in a marble craze…

I recently bought some marble contact paper and in the last post, I decided to cover my hard drive in this paper.

Today, I decided to replace the blue paper on my magnetic board. I use this board to hold random stuff such as hair ties and some times mail.



The board I use was originally a frame in which I added a magnetic board behind a blue paper that started to wrinkle over time (the older post could be found here). I started with taking the board apart from the frame and traced the size onto the marble contact paper.



The magnetic board I have on the inside is a smaller piece that I tape onto the clear board. Then I simply stuck the contact paper onto the clear board with the magnetic board in between. Once I’m done, I folded a white piece of stock paper and taped it to one corner.



Then I placed that board back into the frame and secured it onto the wall. All the magnets I had before could be placed back onto the board. There are a lot of similar makeup boards like this but I find that the makeup products are a bit heavy for the board.

What other items should I marbleize?

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