Marble Everything DIY

The marble macbook case seems to be very popular lately and have been popping all over social media if you haven’t noticed.

I’m one of those people that hopped onto the bandwagon. I just received my macbook case/cover this past week and I’m already thinking of ways to marbleize everything lol.

If you’re like me and use a Macbook Pro, you probably don’t have enough memory. I’ve been relying on external hard drives to get by and they could get a bit boring in the design factor.



I have a regular silver colored external hard drive and when I bought the macbook case, I decided to buy a roll of contact paper to go with it.



I rolled a sheet of the paper over and traced an outline of the hard drive on it. I left just enough so I could cover the sides slightly. It’s not shown in the photo but the hard drive is black on the side and I didn’t want to cover the sides completely in the marble paper. After I traced it, it was only a matter of cutting it out and sticking it on.



Now I have a marble “case” for my hard drive to match my new macbook case. I’m still wondering what else I should change into this style. (Side note: if you’re going to cut anything on a table remember to cover it with something harder to avoid cutting into the table like me; that’s what that odd slash in the photo is)

Have you joined the marble case family yet?

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14 thoughts on “Marble Everything DIY

  1. I love the marble look! I really need to go find some for myself! Also, I have that problem of cutting into my desk a lot! What’s worse is I actually have a cutting mat to stop me from doing that but I keep forgetting to pull it out xD

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