Fabric Earrings DIY

I had a lot of scrap fabric laying around…

I really didn’t know what to do with all the scraps of fabric I had so I tried to see if I could use them for the DIY projects I have on this blog. Since I haven’t made earrings in a while and I’m a bit lazy (again) this week, I decided to aim for a simple pair of earrings



I started with a lot of different fabrics. I choose ones that looked like denim to match with a pure white fabric because I liked that color scheme. I then cut them into small squares and punctured a hole through it with an embroidery needle. I then hooked it onto an earring hook.


I placed 3 pieces of fabric on the earrings before closing it up and then the earring is completed. I repeated the steps to create another earring but with the fabrics in a different order. I haven’t tried wearing this denim-like earring yet but it looks like it could be a simple statement piece.

Denim pieces are everywhere nowadays. What are your go to denim outfits/accessories?

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