Friday Favorites

Finally Friday!

I haven’t done much shopping lately and I’m itching to go shopping LOL. I received a few cute products lately though and they’re my new favorites.



Rilakkuma Pen and Pencil

I haven’t used such cute pens and pencils for a long long time. I got these two as a back to school gift. I don’t start until the summer but I feel like I’ll really like using these.



Ipsy May Glam Bag

The glam bag this month has a envelope like opening in comparison to the others. It has a button! I really like this one mainly because it has a button instead of a zipper haha



Puzzle Keychain

I received this as a gift as well. It’s a Alice in Wonderland themed puzzle. The special aspect of this puzzle is that it’s spherical rather than flat. It was really interesting trying to put it together. It did have numbers on that back so it made it a little easier.


This week’s Friday favorites is really short since I’ve been a little busy. Hopefully a little more next week.

Have a great weekend!

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