3 Pocket Pencil Case

Since I’m preparing back to school, let’s prepare an essential (well at least for me) – a pencil case/bag.

I’ve always enjoyed shopping for back to school stationary. I remember growing up, I fancied getting character pencil boxes and pencil cases. I’m a little old for those but making my own pencil bag seemed like a pretty good idea.



  • Felt
  • Embroidery thread
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Sewing machine/glue/thread and needle
  • Velcro



I cut my felt into (2) 8 x 9 inch pieces and (1) 15 x 9 inch.

With the 2 pieces, I folded it in half the long way and sewed around it leaving the top open for a pocket. (You could also glue them or hand sew them if you don’t have a sewing machine). Then, I flipped it inside out.

With the longer piece, I folded up the bottom to match the size of the other two and sewed it to create a pocket. Then, folding down and sewing the top to create another pocket. Flip it inside out then stack them together.



Once I stacked them together, I sewed them together with brown embroidery thread which could also be used as decoration.



I forgot to do this earlier so I hand sewed the velcro onto the flap. Put in some cute pens and I’m ready for school LOL.

What’s a must have in your back to school shopping list?

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