Mother’s Day Card DIY

It’s almost Mother’s Day!

Every year I have a habit of making cards for Mother’s day and this year is no exception of course. This year, I wanted to make paper roses on a card. I saw some pretty simple methods of making roses so I gave it a try.




  • Colored and White Cardstock Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Double sided tape or glue

I started with 3 different colors of paper: pink, beige, and white. With the pink and beige, I cut them into different sized squares and drew in swirls in them.



Then I cut out the swirls and started rolling it from the ends until I run out of paper. At the ends, I taped it down with double sided tape. Cutting it right along the lines of the swirls creates a very neat/organized rose (shown on the right). If you cut it in a swirl like form along the lines, you get a more disordered rose (shown on the left).


I made 8 of them, taped it onto the middle of a folded sheet of paper, and created a heart shape out of the 8 paper roses.

I’ll probably be giving this to her on the day of Mother’s day and then take them out to lunch.

What are your plans for mother’s day?


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20 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Card DIY

  1. I love this!! I will definitely try this. It looks pretty but looks simple (I hope I can make it). I think it will be cute as a decor for home too! you are so talented. love your DIY ideas 🙂

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  2. I’m totally going to recreate this for Mother’s Day. Love the combination of the two colors you’ve used!
    Great work Vicky!

    Lynn xx

    Liked by 1 person

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