DIY Charms

After a week of interviews and hectic schedules, I had some time to play with polymer clay.

I made a lot of necklaces lately and I really want to be able to change up the “charms” on it. It could also be used on bracelets but I haven’t had the chance to make one yet.


To make the charms, I used a stencil from an old Hello Kitty ruler (this is probably from elementary school lol). Then with some polymer clay, I rolled into a ball before squeezing it through the stencil of my choice. After I had the shape I wanted, I made a hole right through the clay so I could insert a head pin through it.



I love the color from these acrylic paint so I painted the clay in this paint again. Once it dried, I proceeded to baking it and then I could insert the pin.



Once the pin is in there, I just need to make a loop and cut off the excess. I made a lot of different shapes so I could have more variety.



How was your weekend?

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